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So, Gold’s finally here? Awesome! :’D

Ask me anything Mon, Sep. 12, 2011
raibaru Asked:
Hey, you. Not-champion. How are those things going?

Not-champion? What’s that supposed to be mean?

But they’re going fine, I guess! Have you talked to Gold yet?

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I choose you!: misterdouchebag: reddiiwhip: misterdouchebag: Aren’t you special?…




Aren’t you special? Think you’re so cool cause you have a big pokemon. You sure it doesn’t compensate for something, loser? (( Put it here so you could reply if you wanted. :D ))

Whaddaya mean, compensate for something? What about your…

I show off what I am more than I do my Pokemon. Face it, loser, without them you’re nothing. BD

 That’s not true at all! I can…uh…



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misterdouchebag replied to your post: Is this a shipping account? Like, for example do you only ship Red with Yellow or Blue? :o

(( Same with Blue; I dun care what happens. XD As long as it’s fun~! ))

((LOL yes~! 8D <3 I can’t wait to see what happens now that we’ve restarted this shindig x’D))

(( Should I be afraid? owo’ ))

 ((Nahhh 8D I just get too excited about everything. :’3 I totally expected to be the only one here orz” <33))

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